Success Story

Smart Factory

Aucontech helped our customer increasing production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing machine downtime. 

Customer: Car Manufacturer, Vietnam

Business sector: Automotive Industry

Completion date: Sep - 2020 


Remote Data & Remote Monitoring System

Aucontech successfully delivered Remote Data (Temperature, Pressure, Flow Rate, Compensated Flow Rate and Remote monitoring system of 80 sites of supplying LNG products to end-users.

Data collected for process, visualization, analytic, stored and inject directly to Billing System.


Customer: Linde Gas Corporation, Malaysia

Business sector: Oil & Gas Industry

Completion date: Nov-2020 

Aquaculture IoT

Customer: Vietnam

Business sector: Aquaculture

Completion date: Nov-2019 

Smart Aquaculture

Industrial Wireless Communication

Aucontech has successfully delivered an Anybus Industrial Wireless Communication System to replace for Ethernet and Fiber optic communication system between Master PLC Allen Bradley and Slave PLC ABs.

This Anybus Wireless System helped customer save a lot of time in maintenance due to cable broken after several months. Increase availability of system and reduce a lot of cost for maintenance and part replacement.


Customer: Coal Power Plant, Vietnam

Business sector: Power Industry

Completion date: Feb-2020