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Remote Networks Solution for SCADA Applications

This solution allows system integrators to establish secure industrial networks linking multiple remote sites to central control rooms through permanent VPN connections.

vpn connection

Secure Industrial Remote Access

The Ewon Remote Access solution allows to establish a secure VPN connection to a remote machine from anywhere in the world, in just a couple clicks. Once a connection is established through the Internet and Ewon’s free cloud connectivity service “Talk2M”, the user can basically carry out any software maintenance operation that could be done on-site, such as the remote programming of MELSEC PLCs using GX Works, Siemens S7 using TIA Portal, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Omron,...or the remote monitoring of GOT HMIs using GOT Mobile. Unnecessary service trips can therefore be avoided, allowing for a greater efficiency, as well as huge cost and time savings.

Easy Cloud Monitoring of Machine KPI

The Ewon Flexy IIoT gateway supports many protocols, such as MC Protocol, Modbus and OPC UA, allowing it to read data from various types of PLCs, including MELSEC PLCs. It can even connect to legacy devices through serial interfaces, or directly to sensors through IOs. The data polled from PLCs and other devices can then be sent to a local or cloud server to be used for IIoT applications, and up to 6 KPIs per Flexy can easily be monitored in real-time from any web-browser through Ewon’s free Talk2M cloud service.

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