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System Design Architecture



With an increasing number of sites connected to the Internet, it is important that those sites are well organized and managed from a single location, which monitors the status of each site in real time monitors system condition, sends alarms once a problem is detected, fast troubleshooting and cost saving.


Aucontech’s Solution of Remote Access & Remote Control

eWon Flexy offers a perfect solution to remote industrial system management. Extensive I/O can be connected to a variety of devices of system that PLC/controller is not available at site. Sites connected to the remote management platform over 4G network with support of OpenVPN.

vpn connection.png



● Efficiency and cost-saving for travelling to site.

● The eWon Flexy not only supports connection to major IoT cloud services including MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc., but also allows the user to connect to their private clouds via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MQTT, OPC-UA, etc. 

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