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Anybus Diagnostics
Ensuring network uptime and security

The industrial automation industry has undergone significant changes recently, primarily driven by advancements in technology, change in market demands and shifts in global competition. This evolution of the industry has opened a greater use of devices and increased the demand to control data communication.

Well-functioning and efficient networks have become business-critical factors for organizations which therefore are crucial indicators that need attention.

Regardless of the network type or architecture, whether it is a greenfield or brownfield site, Anybus Diagnostics provides ready-made products to get you connected and to help standardize preventive measures against costly production downtime.


The product offer at a glance

Anybus Diagnostics includes network diagnostics divided into permanent monitoring and troubleshooting solutions to ensure the availability and reliability industrial networks. Additionally, the offering extends all the way to network security products, expertise, training and tools for more  robust infrastructure  as well as professional services such as education and training, on-site technical services and certification of products and field technicians.


Network Segmentation

Strengthening the backbone of your network infrastructure to be more robust can be the first step to avoiding unexpected downtime.

The best practice to create a good infrastructure is to segment your network by adding separate channels rather than daisy-chaining all devices.


Permanent Monitoring Industrial Ethernet

To secure industrial networks, use active and passive monitoring tools to detect vulnerabilities and optimize performance. Combining these methods helps implement a comprehensive and effective permanent monitoring system.

Permanent Monitoring Fieldbus

Monitor PROFIBUS installations worldwide, receive fault alerts and optimize network design. Ideal for tech staff shortage and system availability demands.

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