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Enable a Smart Factory 

Build the Smarts into your shop floor!

FaktoryWize is an intelligent operations platform that brings together a coherent set of digitally connected solutions to streamline operations, improve operational efficiency and increase margins. Ride the next wave of Industrial Revolution with a comprehensive  platform that provides real-time 360-degree view into your shop floor operations.

FaktoryWize works in heterogeneous shop floor environments, discrete & continuous manufacturing process scenarios and supports multi-plant & multi country deployments.



Key Features

FaktoryWize offers a breadth of features that to allow for effective implementation of Industry 4.0 initiatives. FaktoryWize is a highly configurable and integrates with standard ERP/ Planning systems to implement a complete real time feedback loop between OT/IT systems. Empower decision makers with unparalleled insights into your shop floor with rules-based alerts and notifications to allow for proactive intervention for streamlining operations.

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